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I'm a Tracy trying to be a Holly. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of mommy juice, and follow my adventures. If you're not bored yet, read more about me here.
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    ““‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.”

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    About this blog…where do I start?

    I am Miniviolet, but you can also call me Carol.  I tend to throw myself “whole hog” into my latest addiction hobby of the moment.  When internet forums and groups started growing in popularity, my hobby at the time was growing African Violets.  So, my first username was miniviolet.  The name has stuck and across the internet I am now known as Miniviolet.  You can still see some of my african violet collection at http://www.carolsavs.miniviolet.com/.  Please note that I DO NOT grow any more!  So please, don’t write me requesting leaf cuttings :)

    My next “hobby” was learning digital graphics.  I had a great starter software, PhotoImpact, that has unfortunately gone by the wayside.  I still use it, but as support for it disappears I might have to actually learn a new program.  sigh.  This branched into a few new outlets…learning basic HTML coding and digital scrapbooking.  While I don’t actively digiscrap these days (more a lack of time than lack of interest), I still use the digital “supplies” and lessons learned in my attempts at craftiness all the time!

    Which leads to the real reason for the blog.  I have a great passion in attempting to be crafty.  However, I hardly have a creative bone in my body.  Google, and now Pinterest, allow me to pretend to be crafty though!  I can take other people’s creativity and turn it into my own crafty endeavors.  Here I will document my attempts at crafty, recipes, “neat stuff”, or my Tales of a Holly Homemaker Wannabe.

    What’s with the Holly Homemaker thing?  Glad you asked.  It’s kind of a running joke in my home.  I am a (mostly) stay at home mom to 4 darlings (they are sleeping right now, so they are darlings).  I have these great ambitions of being Holly Homemaker…you know the perfectly clean and organized house, menus planned out, dinner simmering every night, super crafty, totally involved in their schools, being the mom and that all the other moms go “ooh and ahh” over.   Every now and then I actually manage a Holly kind of day, and they rock!  The reality is that most often I end up a Tracy-Tries-A-Lot.  Tracy has really great intentions, just not so good on the follow through.  The dishes may or may not get done when Tracy is around.  The clothes probably got washed, but are still sitting in the dryer getting wrinkled.  Frozen dinners are OK sometimes, right?  And then there is the third persona who sometimes sneaks into the house.  Her name is Susie Slacker.  Those are the days the husband comes home and looks around and asks if someone came in and ransacked the place.  Sometimes the ransacked house look is achieved on Tracy’s watch…there are days I feel like it was a successful day if I still have 4 children at the end of the day!  But sometimes I just have to admit that Susie showed up.  She probably got me sidetracked on Facebook, or Pinterest, or starting a new blog.

    Other things you might want to know about me:

    • I’m a sinner saved by the grace of a merciful God
    • I’m a wife
    • I’m a mother to 4
    • I’m an Aggie…class of ’93 WHOOP!
    • We were foster parents for 2 years and 6 kids.  Some for only days, some for months, and one is now our son :)
    • I love a good glass of wine
    • I love to read
    • I love to cook
    • I love to pretend to be crafty