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  • Talkin’ Trash

    The first blog post.  I’m supposed to WOW you all with my witty insights and keep you coming back for more.  Big pressure.  I’m probably not supposed to be trashy in my very first post, but I’m going for it.  We’re going to Talk some Trash.

    We recently celebrated my “baby’s” 4th birthday, and he is ALL about the trash trucks these days.  I’m not sure how many toy trash trucks he owns now.  What’s a mommy to do when her son wants a trash truck birthday party?

    She googles.

    She pins.

    She copies.

    And then she shares so you can copy too!

    I was actually amazed at how much I found on the internet!  My son is definitely not the only one enthralled with the garbage trucks.

    First a little credit as to where I got most of my inspiration.  Aimee at Chickenville had an awesome cake design.  Pink Peppermint Blogger had a TON of ideas!  More great ideas at Create Studio, Babadoo Designs, and This Side of Sunny.  Amazing inspiration!

    Now for my take on throwing a Trashy Party!

    DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a cake decorator.  I am not claiming to be.  I know I have crumbs in my icing.  I know my icing is not smooth.  I know my lettering is not straight or perfect.  I perform this labor of love 4 times a year, and their excited faces when they see their cakes make it all worthwhile.   Thankfully they are not as critical as we tend to be 😉

    Trash Truck Cake

    The cake is made from one loaf pan and one square pan cut in half.  I placed the loaf size cake on the bottom, and half of the sqare cake on top for the truck body.  The cab is the other half of the square, cut in half again for the bottom of the cab, and then a rectangle up on top for the top of the cab.  The wheels were the highly coveted chocolate donuts.  Candles make the smokestacks, and round candies make the lights.  A cavity was cut out int he back of the truck to form the hopper, and filled with crumbled oreos for the trash.    When I’m making a cake that will be cut into a shape, I like to use this cheater pound cake recipe.  Makes a heavier cake that is easier to “carve”, and I always freeze it before cutting and frosting to try and minimize the crumbs.  I can’t seem to totally master the no crumbs in my frosting though.  I used the extra batter to make some mini-cupcakes and put little toothpick signs in them.  The cake was a hit!

    I made a special t-shirt for the birthday boy, and he LOVED it!  I just bought a cheap t-shirt at WalMart and used the printable iron-on transfer after I made my design on the computer.

    Trash Talker t-shirt


    We had 2 games.  The first was a bean bag toss.  I found this cute little trash can with swinging lid at the Dollar Store.  I made a few mini-beanbags with scrap material and we were in business!

    Bean Bag Toss

    The second was the great idea on found on several blogs…picking up trash!  Yes, you can make picking up trash into a game!  I loved the “trash grabber” idea I found and looked and looked for some affordable grabbers. This was a party on a budget, and I couldn’t pay $5-$10 for each grabber arm!  I finally struck gold when I found some at the Dollar Store.  They weren’t as “cute” as others, but they did the job and they had a GREAT time with them!  I threw wadded up newspaper around the back yard, and a few other recycle-able objects, and they ran around and grabbed them up and raced them back to the recycle bin.  Who knew trash could be such fun?

    A trashy game

    Instead of a goody bag of candy and junk toys, each child took home a grabber and a water bottle.  They had a sticker with “Talkin’ Trash at Adam’s 4th Birthday Bash!” on them.   Fun times were had by all!

    water bottle party favors

    This simple invitation made at home and printed on cardstock.



    You can see my Pinterest board full of trashy ideas here!


    4 comments to Talkin’ Trash

    • I think you did a GREAT job!! I bet your son was thrilled with it all. It’s amazing what we Moms will do for our kids. If you look on my blog at my first cakes (race track and lady bug) you can see that I had trouble with crumbs too. I think the best tricks I learned are: use a TON of icing and always move in ONE direction when icing the cake. I found that freezing the cake didn’t help me one bit and doing a crumb cake still left me with crumbs in my top layer. I was just too stingy with the icing. Each time I make another cake, it gets a little better (well almost everytime, there was this Barbie cake that was SCARY).

      • OK…i need to be invited to your next bday! i am in LOVE with that cake! who made it or where did you get it? i’ve seen an LV cuakpce party but that is the greatest cake ever! can’t wait for more pics!!!

    • holley

      Thanks heaps for the ideas! My soon to be 4yo also wants a trash truck party, & your advice is invaluable! If I can pull off a cake that looks even half as good as yours, I’ll be very happy :)

      • admin

        You are so very welcome! We had a ton of fun doing this one. Fun was had by all. Best of luck with your 4 yr old and thanks for stopping by!

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